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First Theater Costumes OCT2016

In the past October 2016
Begoña Rey participated for the first time as
designer of costumes for the protagonist UBO REX "Mama UBO"
adatacion by Roman Primitivo Albear of the original Uvo Roi.
Work done for the art collective


BU REX–conceived and directed by Roman Primitivo Albear and starring friends, including David Zen Mansley as Papa Ubu and Rooki Tiwari as Iguana Trump–inspired me to write the following little piece. Trying to get it into print in time to get out the audience before the show closes on Sunday 10/9!
Will keep you all posted. Meanwhile…

If you long for proof that visceral experimental theater is alive on the Lower East Side amidst the throngs of spatially-unaware millennials glued to the screens of their smartphones, don’t miss UBU REX, adapted from Alfred Jarry’s 1896 classic, UBU ROI, by P.I.S.S. Collective, directed by Román Primitivo Albear, and running at Theater for the New City (155 First Avenue @ 10th Street) through October 9.

This production finds fertile ground for Jarry’s late nineteenth-century lampoon of the corporatization of human inclinations amid our current self-centered, latte-addicted, tech-obsessed populace—hipsters, urban youth, immigrants, and working stiffs alike. Jarry’s fanciful overlord, King Venceslas, in post-Paris Commune UBU ROI becomes Macdonald Trump in post-Occupy, post-Bernie Sanders UBU REX. The plum appointment that almost dissuades Ubu from regicide is not “Count of Sandomir” but “Head Barista of the Bronx.” No CGI animation can compete with the human cartoon of Zen Mansley’s Papa Ubu, a sycophantic Everyman motivated by instant gratification, turned murderous despot. Waves of nuanced urges emanating from his kohl-circled eyes and his spiral-target belly surge endlessly through every cell of his body. The costumes, created by the director and the Collective with objects found in the TNC archive, aptly adorn the production’s post-Dada locura. Begoña Rey dresses Mama Ubu in an intoxicating mélange of colorful lamé and safety pins.
Lights, visual arts, and sound and video design (including a video clip in which a pastiche of Looney Tunes vignettes illustrates a voiceover of Marx’s Communist Manifesto) are created and curated by the director. The excellent intercultural cast includes Olivia Hardin, Darnell Shelton, Diana Burdur, Michael Webb, Rick Calvo, Jonathan Duran, Ginoski Bohorquez, Rooki Tiwari, and the incandescent Anel Carmona in the pants role of Trump’s avenging son, Lil Bourgie. For more information, visit and, or call Theater for the New City at 212‑254‑1109. Elizabeth Ruf-Maldonado
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